Your Rights and Responsibilities When you Moving

Every individual, whoever is hiring a company or moving by own has certain rights and responsibilities to be taken care. Being a responsible client, it is important that you know them, which will help in achieving the task:

Your Rights and Responsibilities:

You’re Rights as a Client:

  •  Moving company must provide a detailed written quotation to client. This includes all services and charges with no hidden cost. It has been noticed many times that some pseudo companies charge excessively then previously decided by giving various excuses at the end of move. It is an absolutely unethical act, and a written quote gives client a legal right to drag such fake company to consumer forum for reimbursement.
  • If moving company has given partially complete document, then DO NOT sign it. Such incomplete document may not have all the facilities included, which you are illegible to receive like any other client. If you sign it, then you may not remain eligible for any claim later on. Carefully read document that contains all the relevant moving information. You can ask them to fill all the details first and then only you are accountable to sign the agreement.
  • You have right to get written assurance from your service provider for on time delivery. Delay from movers’ side, makes client eligible to claim for losses.
  • Thoroughly understand moving company’s policies about loss and damages. You can also ask for written explanation about valuation and insurance cover. Company must offer customer a dispute settlement as an alternative of settling loss or damages.
  • As a client, you are fully eligible to have insurance for all movables. It is a duty of packers and movers company to insured all possessions against any unexpected incident. Insurance cover will make you eligible for compensation.
  • Customer has right to be personally present when each item is being weighed and packed. In case of unsatisfied, client can also ask to reweigh.
  • You must check the identity cards of movers and drivers, to ensure that they are authentic. Though, moving company in advance inform client about the staff members they are sending, in case of any doubt you hold right to cross check with the moving company again.
  • Take estimation from 2-3 more service providers. This will give you upper hand to bargain while deciding the quote. You also have right to get updates about your moving luggage.
  • You have right to choose the method of payment whether cash, debit card, credit card or any other available options as per your convenience.

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Your Responsibilities:

  • Read all moving documents carefully provided by moving company. This will give detailed idea about errors existing in the documentation. Missing this, may not make you eligible to claim for future claims.
  • You must be present at the time of delivery or make some of your representative available, who knows every detail of moved items. It is very much essential to check if all luggage has arrived as per inventory list. While unpacking, properly check every item if any damage or loss has occurred while house relocation. If you find any, immediately make a note and file claims for damage, loss or delay.
  • It is client’s duty to promptly notify mover, in case of any change in the delivery dates or address.
  • Client is also accountable to make payment in the mode as decided while filling the form.
  • It is customer’s duty to check the quality of packing material. In case of not satisfied with the quality, client is responsible to ask for better one. This is also applicable for being unsatisfied with moving team members.

If moving on your own, you are fully responsible for every small thing like arranging packing material, packing, arranging moving van, loading, unload and unpack on arrival and every other small thing to achieve a successful move.

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