Moving House Services: Unpacking Tips for Moving House

Completion of relocation at the new house is just a beginning of a new life. It requires to place everything again according to your comfort. Following are some of the important tips, which will help for a better and smoother Unpacking.

Moving House Services: Some Unpacking Tips

  1. Clean Before you start unpacking
  • You may have cleaned the new home before relocating, but it always become messy due to shifting of boxes. So it is must to clean it again once all the boxes are arrived in the house and you have planned to open them.
  • Do through cleaning of each room and also of each item you are opening up, before placing them at the desired location. Wipe down all shelves, cupboards and corners properly. Always keep essential cleaning supplies ready in advance, so you don’t have rush to get them in such disordered situation.

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  1. Reorganize everything while Unpacking
  • Unpacking is not about just opening all boxes and create a mess, when you are not into position to decide about which thing to keep where. Open one box at a time, think properly where you want them to keep and place then accordingly. Don’t wait till everything is open, as it will only create confusion later on. This way slowly things will shape up and it will look presentable also.
  • Keep some empty boxes ready. You may have donated or separated many things while packing, which are not needed any more. But don’t forget that that time you were in the anxiety of moving, so there is a high chance of many things you may have missed out. Now while unpacking, you will find many such items which may not be useful for you anymore. Better to separate them and keep in the empty boxes to donate, so someone who is in more need can use them.
  • If you are taking a help of professional movers, then then will also give you valuable inputs, which will help. They will open your boxes, clean individual item and place them according to you desire. Your constant presence is very much important as they want you to guide them the exact location, things required to be kept.
  • As you will open the boxes, you will recognize those things which are not needed for daily use. Better to keep them in separate boxes and place in the store room according to requirement. This way you will also save time and energy to readjust the store room. you can take help from various Home relocation services in Delhi NCR.
  1. Understand the priority First
  • Always follow the golden rule of one at a time. Don’t try to manage all rooms together, otherwise it will only end up into a huge mess. When movers unload everything and place boxes, make sure boxes are place according to your unpacking needs. So you do not have to move those heavy boxes but just to open them. This will save them from any damage.
  • Start with necessary things first. Don’t panic to open everything instantly. You don’t require all things immediately. People generally require food, some outfits, mattresses, toiletry and pillows first.
  • While packing, you were in dream of moving to new home, so you were doing things with great enthusiasm, but after reaching due to tiredness, same passion may not exist. So go slow but steady. Take small breaks between, have some water and start again. Play some soft music to make environment happy. Don’t take it as a burden or responsibility, but take it as a joyous activity. The more you will enjoy doing things, better the outcomes are.
  • You are having a list of inventory, which will help in making a plan about what to unpack first. Open things in required sequence and make a tick mark, so things won’t get mixed up.
  • Do not make a mistake to set up the television first. Unpacking demands immense focus and you cannot do it in presence of TV. It will definitely divert your attention. So keep it a last item to unpack for a better concentration.
  • The first thing to do after reaching to a new home is to set up a bed with some fresh bed sheets. Long day of moving is always most exhausting. Take a small nap. Adjust the shower curtain, towel and required clothes in the bathroom. Take a shower and get refresh before you start opening boxes of individual rooms in proper sequence.
  • Hang Wallpapers and family photos first after cleaning them. This will give you more space to move around and a feeling of surrounded by your love ones.
  1. The Ideal Sequence of Unpacking
  • Kitchen comes first: Kitchen is the most difficult and time consuming to unpack. It is also the first priority to start with, as you will require food after such a hectic day. Open kitchen appliances and boxes according to need and place them on shelves while cleaning them. If your mind stop working in confusion, take a deep breath and start again. Once kitchen is reset, your half of the target is achieved, as it requires single-mindedness and caution. You have to deal with many crockeries, so go slow. Keep frequently used items in front and rest behind them.
  • Next is Bathroom: First finish unpacking of a children bathroom and then a master bathroom. Keep common bathroom for last and make sure that all tabs and plumbing are working properly.
  • Unpacking the Living Room: Once kitchen and bathroom are done, rest can be done gradually as they are not in urgency. Living room need to be most attractive as your friends and relatives also notice it first. Put the curtains properly and arrange the furniture according to the requirement. Spray some nice fragrant room freshener time to time, which will keep you in good mood and also give you energy to work better.
  • Bedrooms at Last: If you are unable to arrange bedrooms on the first night, then don’t get panic. Just have family camp out in one of the rooms. Keep it for next day as you will have to arrange your clothes and personal belongings into cupboards, which will require fresh mind. You can’t afford to forget after keeping them as they will be used on daily basis.

We suggest you to enjoy every moment of unpacking, as your mood will reflect on the things you are replacing.

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