Movers and Packers: Top Reasons Why People Choose not to Move

The exact reasons for people not willing to move are always vary person to person. It may not be the same all the time. We can just have general ideas of it, which are mentioned here.

Below mentioned top Reasons why people choose not to move:

  1. Everyone gets attached to the place they stay. In all these years, they have developed friendly relationships with neighbors and so many people around whether at garden or club around. It is indeed very difficult to leave all these people and move to a new place where you don’t know anyone. This emotional attachment is one of the main reason for not house moving. People are afraid that whether they would get such warm natures people around in the new location.
  2. People have nice recent location which is having all facilities around. People are worried if the new place will have all existing things around? Moving house doesn’t means just shifting, but that includes a complete new lifestyle of every family member. So, a responsible person thinks about entire family and their wellness. He/she also thinks if all the family members will be getting their daily facilities around?
  3. It’s a matter of getting habituated. The existing place where you are staying was also new some years back for you, and now you are moving to a better location with same feelings which you had experienced few years back. Many people do not like to go through same pain and hassle again. They become so much used to stay at the same location, that they can”t even think of settling at a new place even into dreams.
  4. People do not prefer to come out that temporary comfort zone. They strongly feel that new place is never going to be easy to settle down. To the extent that even if they are getting best deal and much better new location. People need to come out this so called “Comfort Zone” to have a better future. Such decisions are very frustrating as buying a new home is also a big investment for future. If people rethink about it and go for the better deal, then they will have much better safely for future.
  5. One of the most common reasons is because their parents have stayed in the same place for past 20-30 years. They get emotionally attached. They even know that new place is far better, still out of such thoughts they don’t want to move.

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6. Many time people do not move in belief that they will not get proper rate of existing property and new home will be more expensive. They do not want to make such bad deal. It is better for such clients to take a professional help of entrusted real estate agents to get better valuation of the property.

7. Complicated government rules for buying new property is also one of the reasons people hesitate to change the existing home.

8. If new home is far or some other city, then finding a better job for self and good school for children are two most important necessities. The hassle of finding new job and school stops people thinking about the New Home.

These are some of the reasons which are commonly noticed in general people.

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