10 Tips to know about your Movers Company before Hiring

A reliable mover is equally important as moving itself. And when you are going to hire a packers and movers Mumbai to relocate or shifting, you have to know about all the things about the movers company. A good research on your movers before hiring them should be a must step.   Following mentioned tips will help to ensure best results:

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Things to consider before hiring Movers and Packers in Mumbai

üFind Reliable Movers

  •  There are huge number of movers available in the market who are claiming to offer best facilities. Nowadays it is much easier to get a list of reliable service providers by goggleonline. You can also take assistance of friends and relatives who have moved before.

üCheck Creditability/Legality

  •  While short listing movers’ list,check their creditability as to be in the business for many years cannot be the only criteria to judge a company. It is also important to know the recognition they have earned over the years.
  • It is also very vital to check the legality of moving company. Check properly the validity of moving license to ensure their authenticity. There are many pseudo movers who claim to be best, but in reality, they are not even authorised to move also. Beware of such fake claims before getting cheated.

 üCheck Reviews

  • Check reviews online by hundreds of clients which will give a credible idea to choose the best one amongst all. You can also personally contact themto get their reviews.

 üMake a Budget in Advance

  • Budget is the most important aspect for any customer. No matter which moving company you choose, the budget has to be pocket friendly. Find out a company which provides best services at most affordable cost. Not every service provider is pocket friendly so make your budget well ahead of hiring any moving company.

üFilter 2-3 Companies

  • After short listing 2-3 movers who fall into your criteria, call each of them to your home to get best quote. This will give you options to choose the best option from the list.

 üShow Mover Everything

  • When estimator of the moving company arrives at your place, show him every individual item which isto be moved. This will give himan exact idea about all movables. This will also help him to offer exact quote of the entire move. You can always take quotes from 2-3 companies before choosing the best one.

üCheck the strength of Moving Company

  • This is also one of the important criteria before finalising. Companies sometimes take excessive bookings in advance and later on fail to provide required number of staff and vehicles to achieve safe and successful move. To avoid such future turmoil, check if theirstrength of staff members and moving vans. Ensure that all moving vans have advanced technology of loading and unloading. You should also check if moving vehicles are spacious enough to accommodate all your movables.

üRead Before Contract Signing

  • Do not sign any partially filled document provided by moving company. Such incomplete documents may not have all the facilities mentioned, which will not make you illegible to receive these services. You may not remain eligible for any claims later on after signing such partially filled documents. Carefully read all document papers that contain the relevant moving information. You can ask company to fill all the details first and then only you can sign documents.
  • Thoroughly read and understand moving company’s loss and damage policies. You can also ask written explanation about valuation and insurance cover. Every moving company must offer a dispute settlement as an alternative of settling loss or damages. You should get all movables insured against any unexpected incident. Insurance cover will make you eligible to claim for compensation in case of future loss or damage. Get written assurance from service provider for on time delivery, so any delay from movers’ end, makes you eligible to claim for losses.

üGet Written Copy of Inventory List

  • Ensure that you have received a copy of inventory along with written quotation. This includes all services and charges without any hidden cost. It has been noticed that some pseudo companies charge excessively then decided by giving various excuses at the end of move. It is an absolutely unethical and a written quotation gives client a legal right to drag such fake company to consumer forum for compensation.

üKeep an Eye Open During Move

  • Be alert and keep an eye open while movers are packing and shifting everything. You can always provide valuable advice if you find any mistake. Such awareness will also alert movers to offer best out of them which will result into a safe and successful move.


Choosing the best and reliable home or office shifting services in Navi Mumbai is a very important step in your moving procedure. And you have to very careful to check these things about your movers company and hire someone who provides a hassle free and smooth moving or relocation.

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