Essential Tips to Ensure an Easier House Moving with Kids

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admin June 3, 2017

Moving house is most challenging itself and it becomes even tougher while moving with kids. If you want to carry your valuable goods and other stuff to another new location then relocate your home with your children is never consider as an easy task, but you can make it easier one if you choose best and reliable home relocation services in Pune. If you want to move anywhere in country or abroad hire packers and movers in Pune to get a hassle free smooth moving. Children always take more time to adjust in new surroundings and below mentioned tips will help to relocate them quicker.

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Tips to consider before choose Home Relocation Services in Pune for moving home with Kids

1. Things to Be Taken Care Before Moving

  • Organize a family meeting and try to involve kids. Involve them in some decision making if they are old enough to understand their responsibility.
  • Tell children about adventurous experiences you experienced while moving last time. Explain them the positive outcomes of moving the new location.
  • Ensure kids that they will always be able to keep in touch with their old friends even after moving. Ensure them that they will be visiting the current location often to see their old buddies.
  • Make a separate box of items which children will require immediately after moving. Keep that box last in the van so you can easily get it first after unloading.

2. Encourage Children for Self-Packing

  • After the date of moving is finalised, encourage children to do their packing on own. Provide them all necessary packing material and guide how to do things properly. This will prove to be one of most exciting moments of their lives which was never experienced before. Packing own stuffs will also make them more responsible towards their belongings. This will also increase their excitement to shift in new surroundings.
  • Supervise when they pack things by providing essential instructions. You will realize the amazing connection both will experience while doing so. Children love to take up adult responsibilities and they do this with utmost enthusiasm. Such opportunities will make them more mature to learn self-dependent. If kids are not inclined to pack things on own, then encourage them by offering some chocolates or gift at the end of move.
  • If your kids are too small, then hire a baby sitter or keep them in care ofyour parents in one room of the home while you are busy in guiding movers. Keep their favourite toys and food around them so they can remain busy playing.

3. Enrol Children in New School

  • Enrolling children into a new school is always a challenging task. Every kid has particular interest in some field like academics, sports, art, music and so on. Before enrolling ensure that your child will get these facilities to grow as a better self. Many school claims to offer such facilities but it is always advisable to personally visit and ensure that they have these curriculum activities apart from studies for the development of your child. Get school uniforms, curriculum books, stationary and other things in advance which kids will require from the first day.
  • Inform the current authorities about the honest reasons of leaving the school. Get a proper school leaving certificate to get enrolled in the new school.

4. While Moving

  • Don’t let children feel your anxiety of moving. They should take a move as an opportunity of exciting future.
  • Carry favourite food items and juices your kids love to have while moving. Play the music of their choice to make them joyous.

5. After Moving

  • Ensure that boundary fencing is secure and hole free from all sides. Small children have mentality to escape this while playing alone. Proper fencing will also prevent other street animals to enter in the property.
  • You may see change of behaviour in children at new location. Give your kids enough time to settle down and do not get upset or angry for every small thing. They may commit some mistakes out of anxiety in initial days, so kindly bear with it.
  • Try to decorate children room in similar passion like old home. This will give them a comfort of similarity as sudden anxiety of unknown surroundings can make them nervous and restless. Keep small kids in care of one of the responsible family member while you are busy unpacking and placing things in the right corner.
  • Do not let children move out alone for initial days. Daily take them along in playing park and gardens around. This will help them to make new friends in new surroundings. Show your kids important roads in the new area which leads to new home.


Once everything is nicely settle in the new home, introduce your children to neighbours. To completer your moving task it is essential to hire a trustworthy Movers and Packers in Pune. Choose Maple Packers if you want to move abroad too and enjoy a best moving experience.

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