Organize New Home- Tips for Setting up your Home Fast after Moving

Successful move means only half achieved, as there are number of things remained to accomplish even after relocation. Moving is once in a lifetime situation, so one may not have an idea what things to do after shifting at new place. Setting up a new place and for and unpacking is the most challenging task in a moving procedure. Only a best packers and movers service provider make it easier and comfortable. Below mentioned are some important guidelines, which will help to achieve these priorities better way:

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Consider some Tips to Setting up after Successful Home Relocation

1. Installing Kitchen Appliances and Furniture

  • Take a professional help for relocation as they know the art of perfection while moving without any hassle. The moment movers start unpacking boxes after relocation, first thing should be check by you is if appliances like stove, refrigerator, mixer grinder, washing machine etc. are in perfect working condition like before. In case of any problem, on time awareness will help to claim for compensation.
  • You should also check furniture and other moved items are also in proper shape without any scratch or damage after moving. Check the inventory list provided by movers to ensure everything is safely arrived. Do this as first priority before they leave, otherwise later on moving company or insurance company may not reimburse the loss or damage.

2. Reinstate All Utilities

  • Ensure that all important utilities are reinstated perfectly by movers. They are very professional in doing everything properly but there is nothing wrong to check for your safety. Check if electricity is in proper flow, as no one would desire first day in new home without electricity. Check all doors and windows and change main door locks before moving so things are absolutely secure after relocation. Check water tabs in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Don’t forget to collect a receipt after the completion of relocation from moving company. Moving papers are necessary for any future claims. Keep all documents and receipts related to move safely.

3. Know New Territory Well

  • You may not be aware about the territory, if you have moved to new city. You need groceries, medicines and milk products on daily basis, so check from where these daily required things can be available easily. If you have small kids or pet, then ensure that compound boundary walls and fencing are properly covered without any loop holes.

4. Find a school and Doctor Around

  • Two most basic requirements at the new home is a school children and a good doctor. These two necessities should have been checked well in advanced even before moving. However, if you have missed, then do it with immediate effect. Register your kids into the best school around with first priority.
  • No one prefers to change family doctor, however, if you have moved into another city, then you are left with no option but to find some expert doctor for family and pets. You can take help from neighbours in this regard, who will be happy to assist. This is most basic yet important need and one cannot afford to take it for granted.

5. Home Insurance

  • Immediately get your new place insured against any natural disaster or serious damage after moving. You have invested savings of entire life to buy this home, so do not take any risk. If you hire a reputed home relocation in Delhi NCR, then they provide also goods insurance against damage during moving.

6. Get connected with Neighbours

  •  After all luggage is unpacked and things are settled, try to fix a schedule for morning walk at garden around. Take part in social activities like Yoga Seminar and Camps arranged there. You will also meet new people to interact with.
  • Neighbours are the best relatives who are the first one to come forward for any help in every good and bad. Develop loving and friendly relations with them by interactive talks. Ask informative details about the area which may help you to adjust in new surroundings better way. Arrange a small housewarming party and invite all neighbours with family. Show them home decoration in new home done by you in new home. Such healthy relations will definitely help establishing happy neighbourhood.

7. Keep Emergency Contact List Handy

  • It is most important to have a list of local emergency numbers handy, which may require at any time.

8. Update New Postal Address

  • Postal address will always be different, whether you are shifting within city or away.
  • Update postal address in important documents like licence, insurance claims, telephone directory, working place and other essential services with first priority.

9. Bank Accounts

  • Find a good bank around new area and open an account with lockers there. If you are already having an account in the same bank at old location, then apply for transferring your

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