Tips for Packing Boxes Perfectly during the Home Relocation in Gurgaon

Home Relocation Services in Gurgaon
admin May 29, 2017

People have common questions when it comes successful packing and moving.  Home relocation demand proper planning and you have to strict about your moving plan. Many often ask whether they should use old cardboard boxes or they will have to spend money buying new ones. People get used cardboard boxes from grocery shop or from friends who have moved before. A trust worthy movers and packers Gurgaon gives you perfect box and it’s packing and unpacking. Honest answer would be that this solely depends on your requirements. If you have to move something very valuable and fragile you have hire some reliable and dependable home relocation services in Gurgaon.

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Pack Boxes Perfectly with Packers and Movers in Gurgaon 

üCautions While Buying Boxes

  • Always prefer medium sized moving boxes rather buying big boxes. Medium sized boxes can carry 25-30 kilograms of weight and they are much easier to move in compare to big size boxes. In medium boxes one can adjust belongings much better way and there is also a less chance of things getting damaged. In big sized box, there is always a chance of breakage due to piling up things one on another.
  • Some particular movable items may require different size of boxes also. Always use a bigger size of packing box then the actual size of valuable, so enough packing material can be kept at all sides to save valuable from any jerk while moving.
  • Use high quality packing material which includes bubbled wrappers, soft sponges, crumble papers, sustainable boxes, sealing tapes and other packing material for safe packing.

üIdeal Packing Methods

  • Take an appropriate side of cardboard box and seal the bottom side perfectly by using wide strong sealing tape from both inside and outside. Ideally it should cover the entire bottom center up to the box sides about one third of the length. This is to ensure that box can hold the weight of packed item properly.
  • Packing of antique pieces, wallpapers, glass wares and other kitchen wares demands extra caution. Place thick thermal sheets in multiple layers on the bottom of the box. Wrap the movable into high quality bubbled wrappers and place it slowly right in the middle of the box. Cover all sides with thermal sheets and fill all the extra gaps with paper crumbles and soft thick sponges to avoid any movement inside while shifting them.
  • Place thermal sheets on the top also and seal the box appropriately by using sealing taps without keeping any gap inside. Stick proper label on the box with clear signs of Fragile, Handle with Care, This Side Up and other instructive marks. This will aware the mover while lifting and moving the box from one place to another.
  • Use advanced technology while loading boxes into the van. Ensure that all boxesare properly kept and equal amount of caution is required while unloading and unpacking them. While moving antiques and breakables, nothing must be kept on box to avoid any damage.


It is always beneficial to hire a professional Movers and packers Gurgaon to relocate your and shift your household and belonging goods. Professional movers are always equipped with advance technology to achieve any difficult task. Hire Maple Packers and Movers to relocate your home or office in Gurgaon and other city also.

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