Safety Tips for Packing and Moving of a Big Screen TV

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admin June 15, 2017

Big screen TV is most delicate and fragile electronic item to pack in all other movables. This demands highest degree of attention while packing. And when you think about packing and moving of your big screen TV and other stuff, you realized that there are so many difficulties in this whole procedure. So to resolve your moving problems choose professional relocation services in Mumbai. In today’s techno savvy world, everyone uses latest and expensive TV sets with multiple facilities. It is recommended to follow below mentioned packing tips for better safer relocation:-

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Some Tips to follow While Move a Big Screen TV with Packers and Movers Mumbai

1. Required Safety Measurements

  • Nowadays everyone uses big LCD screen with lot of features. One may connect pen drive also to see favourite movies and other programs. No one even desire to think about damage to such electronics, but it is always better to keep guarantee card or warranty card provided by sellers at the time of purchasing. This helps to replace to repaired it in any emergency.
  • Gather user manual guide of all TV, which you will require to reinstate in the new home. Keep them along with data containing hard disk in a pouch. If you don’t have user manual, then download them online in advance, so you don’t have to it at last moment after relocation.

2. Disconnecting Power before packing

  • Be careful while disconnecting from power. Switch off device properly and then carefully remove from plug. In case of many plugs, it is advisable to take a snap shot to avoid mix-up while reinstating again.
  • One of the smartest way is to buy labeling stickers of different colours. While removing one plug from TV, put a sticker of one colour on TV and the same colour of sticker should be labelled on that cord. Use different colours’ of sticker for different cords. This will make reinstating process much easier.
  • Make sure wires do not get mixed up otherwise things will become messy. Keep them away from water in the entire packing and moving exercise to avoid any damage.

3. Using Best Packing Material

  • It is always best to have original packing cartons of TV. It makes things easier and safer for moving. However, if you have not kept it, then you will require to find best size of box. Use a box of little larger in size then the actual TV size, as you need to put packing material all around to save it from any jerk.
  • Wipe all cords and wires properly and seal them by ensuring that you don’t forget to keep them in the box after keeping TV inside.
  • For safest packing, thermal sheets are easily available in the market of different thickness and size. They are considered best safeguards for TV. In other hand when you hire a best packers and movers services in Mumbai they used best packing material to avoid a single damage. Use enough bubbled wrappers to wrap all around it. Bubbled wrappers may cost little more, but they are very much required for the safety of expensive LCD.

4. Ideal Packing Techniques

  • Take a suitable side of cardboard and seal the bottom side properly by using wide tape from inside and outside. Ideally it should cover entire bottom center up to the box sides about one third of the length. This is to secure that box can hold the weight of TV.
  • Keep thick thermal sheets on the bottom of the box in multiple layers. Wrap the entire Television into high quality bubbled wrapper and place it slowly in the middle of box. Cover all sides with thermal sheets and fill extra gaps with paper crumbles and soft thick sponges to avoid any movement inside while shifting.
  • Keep thermal sheets on the top also and seal the box properly by using taps without keeping any gap inside. Put proper label on the box with clear signs of Fragile, Handle with Care, This Side Up. It will help the mover while lifting and moving TV from one place to another.
  • Use most advanced technology while loading into the van. Ensure that box is properly covered by blankets from all sides and nothing else is kept above. Equal amount of caution is needed while moving and unloading.

6. Reinstating at new Home

  • When everything is unloaded, setting up your new home after moving is also a challenging task. To make it easy instruct your movers about where to keep TV and other stuff. You also need to check if electric supply is matching with the socket. Check electric supply flow with sensor by ensuring it’s not very high or low.
  • Unpack the box carefully and unwrapped TV by removing wrappers and thermal sheets around. Check if no external damage or scratch has taken place while moving. Any delay or ignorance may not legitimate you for later claims. Clean TV screen and cords properly by using glass cleaner and linen clothing.
  • Reinstate cords by the help of manual book and colour stickers. Once all cords and sockets are properly connected, start TV in the presence of movers to assure that it is in the working condition like before. If you find any then immediately take a snap shot and register complain with movers to get reimburse for total loss.

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