Packers and Movers Suggestions for Hassle free Relocation

There are listed things, which are prohibited to move by vans along with other belongings. These rules and regulations are also applicable for every hired moving company. They are also bound to follow the list of non-movable items, otherwise it’s a criminal act. For customer’s safety purpose, also these listed items are not safe to move with other articles.

Food items which cannot survive outside refrigerator temperature should never be moved along in van. They will get spoiled by the time arrives at the new location. It is better to consume or distribute them among friends and neighbors. Packers and Movers in India can tell you better what is legal and illegal in India.

Unsealed food that has been opened should also not be moved on van. Jam, pickles, syrup and other liquid eatables are also suggested not to be moved as well. Such unsealed food stuffs can be leaked out and spoil other belongings easily. Consuming such eatables will minimize the headache and will be a helping hand for others too.  So you should consult Movers and Packers before relocating your belongings from one place to another.

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Best Packers and Movers suggestions for clients 

Follow the below mentioned packers and movers suggestions for hassle free safe and secure relocation:

  1. Flammable Items: Flammables are strictly prohibited to move along with van which includes fertilizers and gardening chemicals. Many sprays are highly flammables, which may catch fire in extreme heat. This may also end up in a very serious loss of other households. Fertilizers and chemicals are having poisonous contains inside, so while moving there is a chance of getting leaked and mixed with other articles, which can end up into serious consequences. Gas cylinders, diesel, kerosene and propane are also strictly prohibited to shift along with other belongings. They can turn into explosives simply by a spark or high temperature.
  2. Personal Reminiscences: Rarest photo albums or other recollections are always very close to one’s heart. You can never afford to lose such precious memories while moving. Any damage or misplacing will be a big emotional lose. Moving them with other heavier and bigger possessions is risky. It is suggested to move them in the car along with you.
  3. Alcohol: No alcoholic contains are allowed to move on vans along with other luggage. In Indian states like Gujarat and Bihar, it is strictly prohibited and even punishable offense. No matter where you are moving, it is important to check with moving company about their policies regarding this sensitive issue.
  4. Valuable Treasures: Never move cash, jewellery, silver vessels and other valuables by van. Moving them along with other luggage is extremely risky as there is a high chance of them getting stolen or misplaced. Moving company will also clearly instruct customer about not to move such treasure on their vans. There is even a chance that while moving them in your own care, you may lose or forget them. It is strongly suggested to keep excessive money and jewellery in bank lockers, till you properly establish in new surroundings.
  5. Doctor’s prescriptions and Important Documentations: You cannot afford to move important documents along with other home luggage. There is a chance of getting tore or misplace in hassle, which may turn up into a big financial lose. You should not move doctor’s prescription also by van, as they are required in health emergency and it can be very dangerous to lose them. It is advisable to move these important documents in a handbag along with you in car.
  6. Life Saving Drugs: Lifesaving drugs are those on which one is solely depended and they must always be in pocket or hand bag nearby. Never keep such important drugs in moving vans. You may need them in any emergency moment and not finding handy can be very injurious to health. This can even end up in to serious life threatening consequences also.


There are certain items which are needed till last minute while packing. You will need them at first in new home, so mixing them with other articles may create hassle. Best Packers and Movers Delhi suggest you to keep them at the back of car, as you will be the first one to arrive at new home. The moment you reach at destination, you can unpack and set things before van arrives.

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