How to Pack Plates and Dishes While Moving House

While relocating, the most difficult part is your kitchen. It has many breakables likes’ electronics, glass wares, plates and dishes. Any mishandling with them will lead to a serious damage. You would never desire a situation when you open packed boxes in the new house, you find plates into pieces. To avoid such horrible situation, you can’t afford to randomly pack kitchenware into any card robe boxes. You require being extra careful while packing glassware for a long distance to provide 100% safety to fragile items. To make it most professional.

Here 2 Stage initial packing and actual packing for Moving House:

  1. Initial Packing: This stage includes the preparation before start packing by collecting required size of packing material. It’s not possible to do adequate packing without following articles:
  • Dish boxes:

Dish boxes are specially designed corrugated double layer cardboard, which provides excessive safety then single layer cardboard boxes. There are more resistant to avoid any jerk. This provides higher level of security to all glass dishes and breakable items from any undesired situation. Authentic moving company will be having such high quality packing boxes to safely pack such valuables.

  • Packing papers:

These are one of the most important packing materials to provide security. You would require many of them to wrap each individual fragile item. This may take some more time to wrap each kitchen ware but it is essential for the security. Packing paper may cost more, so they should be used for expensive glass crockery’s only.

  • Extra puddings:

For other kitchen crockery’s, you may use newspapers or other cushioning material. It is easily available in every home, so feel free to use them as more you require. This can also use to fill the gap between wrapped plates and the box in which they are kept. This will protect them in any jerk. However, for expensive items, it is always recommended to use sold thick sponges.

  • Bubbled Wrappers:

Bubbled wrappers are the best available option for any size of treasures. They may be expensive but provide best safety due to their air-filled bubbly material. They may cost more, but not more than your expensive plates and antiques.

  • Sealing Tapes:

Nowadays in market, many quality of wide packing tapes are available to properly pack filled boxes. You find them in different sizes as per your need.

  1. Actual Packing

Once you are ready with all essential packing material mentioned above, it’s time to use them to provide best safety to each individual movable. Follow the below steps to achieve perfection in packing plates and dishes without any difficulty.

1). Take a suitable side of cardboard box and seal the bottom with wide tape from inside and     outside. This is to be done from the entire bottom centre and up to the box sides about half of the side length. This is as a precaution to ensure that the box will be able to hold the weight of the packed dishes, which are kept inside for a longer move.

2). Put an initial layer of crumbled newspapers on the bottom of the box to offer protective layer of padding’s. Crumbled newspapers are easily available, so may use them as many as required. For better protection, you may also use sheets of bubbled wrappers to provide extra safety to handle any jerk.

3). the moment your box is ready from bottom side to provide adequate safety, start putting plates. Each dish should be properly wrapped and packed and should be kept in the middle of the box. Keep required packing between each plate and also keep required paper crumble around the plate to avoid any side damage. Remember that heavier plates should be kept at below and lighter one should go on them. Do not over burden the box; rather use another box for a secure move. It may take some extra boxes but it is better than breaking any of glass wares.

4). For more expensive plates and dishes, keep a layer of bubbled wrapper between each plate to provide best safeguard. When you are done with a box, keep crumpled newsprint on the top of it to offer a cushion feeling. Newspapers and towels are also available options. Make sure that all the empty spaces inside the box should be filled with cramped papers with the purpose of immobilizing the items inside and avoid moving sound.

5). Close the box properly and seal it well by using thick tapes. Label the box properly with the list of items inside and clear marks of Fragile, Handle with Care and This Side Up. This will make the mover extra cautious while house relocation from one place to another.

6). Pack all the remaining plates and dishes in the similar manner by using same precautions while packing them in different boxes.

7). be careful while loading them into the trucks. They should be properly covered by blankets and make sure no others boxes are kept above them. Unloading of them will also demand the same amount of caution.

8). While opening the boxes in the new home, show similar care and patience. Do not rush with them as delicate items always demand more time and caution.

These are some of the essential tips, which will guide you in securing your plates and dishes. But for the best results, we would strongly recommend to take a professional Movers and packers help with packing, who is having extensive experience in this business to securely pack and move all fragile items with supreme care.

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