Moving House Plants- How to pack Plants when moving house

Many people completely forget about taking care of their plants in stressful task of moving. Nothing can make the new home more beautiful and lavish then healthy houseplants. They are best house decorates. Moving plants require same focus and dedication as fragile items. Following are some of the important tips, which will definitely help to move them:

Moving House Plants: Important Tips For moving house with Plants

  1. Advanced Planning:
  • Planning of moving plants ideally should be done at least 15 days in advance. You need to decide which plants and tree relocation are required to go along with you. That also depends on the space, height the climate of the new house You can choose plants and tree relocation services in near by location.
  • You should start cleaning them at least 1 week in advance, so they do not carry dust or germs in new home. Dead leaves, head and branches should be carefully removed. In case of any weeds and pests, check them and eliminate them.
  • There would be some unfortunate moments when you can’t carry some of your plants along with you. In that case you need to find some friends and relatives, who are caring like you in taking care of them. Plants are also a part of family, so you must hand over to those people only, who have such warm feelings. Never leave any plant behind, as they really require some care taker.

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  1. How to move them with other luggage:
  • You should give enough water to all the plants a day before moving, so they can sustain without water for upcoming relocation day. They should be given proper sun light also, as while moving they will remain packed for the entire day.
  • Shifting plants are equally important as other households. They also require the same amount of care like other delicate things. You should inform your movers the number of plants you have to move, because moving of plants require special boxes and containers. Boxes should have hole on it for better air circulation. On the day of moving if water is still existing, then things may become soggy. In that case, you might have to use plastic bag to save excess water licking.
  • Better not to carry plant saving chemicals with you and give them away to the neighbors, who are having gardens and plants. You will require different quality of chemicals according to the different climate in the new house.
  • Nothing makes house more presentable then green and healthy house plants. So while moving certain caution are essential. Please make sure that all the plants are tie properly in a way that while lifting and moving, branches do not get damaged. This also makes the moving process smooth.
  • After proper packing, load all plants at the back of the vans, so they would be the first one to be taken off. This will also provide them some fresh air while moving and will minimize any chances of damage also. If your move is going to take overnight journey, then make sure they are not kept in the van overnight.
  1. Moving Indoor Plants:
  • Water all the indoor plants at least 2 days’ prior of packing as they consume less water and that too very slowly.
  • Keep paper towels and newspapers on the surface of the pot. This will save he sand fall out of pot, while moving them. Some roads are very bumpy, so keeping papers will help in preventing to fall sand out of pot. Always wrap the pots in a layer of plastic bags while keeping the top open. In case of any soft branches, tie them tightly, so they don’t break apart while moving.
  • Home plants are usually shade loving ones and they cannot stand long in the sun. Some indoor plants can get easily damage in couple of minutes of Sun light. So take care of this important measurement also.
  • You must water the plants immediately after reaching at the new location. You should also see if they are properly placed in the new house according to the individual need of sunlight and air. If your new home is located in the different climate, then adjust them according to the new conditions.
  1. Moving Outdoor Plants
  • Moving of outdoor plants is the most difficult task of relocation because of the size. It is advisable to trim outdoor plants 10-15 days in advance. Trimming will help in reducing the water requirement and weight to make an easy move.
  • Always take plants out of the ground with roots. Wet soil is very hard to dig in, so make sure it’s not wet while digging. There is no fix size when it is about unearthing plant’s roots. Always keep a damp paper around the root and tie a plastic bag around it. This way, the root system will remain intact and plant will not cause mess. It is advisable to place plants in the shade while moving with help of packers and movers for home relocation.
  • Please make sure that plants are disconnected from irrigation system. Most of the damage takes place by moving team while brushing to the branches. So keep safe distance from other articles.
  • Make maximum plants planted into pots a week prior to the move. It is always very hard to replant those whose root system is exposed. For larger plants, it is always good to take a help of professional gardener, who has ample of experience.
  1. Give Proper Time to Adjust Them in New Environment

The moment you arrive at the destination, make sure you immediately remove them out of box and plastic. Place them into original pots and give them required water and wet them. Relocating plants is very difficult for them as it’s tough to get adjusted in the new environment easily. This can also result into weak growth or even death.  Observe them on regular basis for some days in form of adjusting the quantity of water, air and soil. You can choose home relocation services in near by location.

Plants are like a small child, who require loving and caring nourishment, especially in the new environment. Above mentioned tips will help them readjusting in the new environment easier and healthier manner.

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