Moving House Checklist – Ultimate Solution For Best Moving House

Shifting your house is a tedious task and also takes a lot of time. Pre planning is required to make it a successful relocation.  It also needs a lot of manpower to complete the whole process. It is also an expensive process. Everyone would want to move safely with their belongings and shows concern for them. That is why we have a list house moving checklist to make it an easy task for you. Below is the checklist for your house shifting to get the best house moving:

Before moving day

  1. Go through all your goods from one room to another and choose the goods which need to be shifted and get rid of the unwanted ones. Make a list of the delicate items that needs proper packaging and special attention. This is a good way to start with.
  2. Donate the goods that are no longer required by you.
  3. To hire a professional expert take your time to find out the best ones for you. Do a lot of research work and read he online reviews. Also, compare the quotes and decide the one that suits your requirements.
  4. Book them before a week in advance according to your convenient time and date.
  5. Arrange for the packaging materials in advance. You will need bubble wrap, fabric sheets, sturdy boxes, sealing tapes etc for keeping your goods safe and secured while on transit. You can also order online the packing boxes in bulk.
  6. Defrost your freezer at least 2-3 days before your shifting. Also buy fewer groceries so that it becomes easy for you to move them. You won’t be able to move these and it will be wastage for you.
  7. When you unplug the cords remember how to plug it again so that it becomes easy for you to put them back together.
  8. Start packing the goods by packing the least or seasonally used items. Keep the items that are frequently used aside so that you can use them and pack them on the very day of shifting. Pack the valuable items separately so that no breakage occurs.
  9. Label the boxes so that it becomes easy for you to find things in your new house. Also, avoid keeping the things that are valuable so that no loss or theft occurs while they are moved from one place to another.
  10. Make a list of the packed boxes and later on match them with the service provider’s inventory list.
  11. You need to make arrangements for your pet so that they are comfortable during the shifting process. If you are moving for long distance, plan beforehand for your furry family member so they can be comfortable during the transit.
  12. Look out for warehouse and storage services so that if your home is not ready and you will need time you can store your goods at the storage rooms as well.
  13. Change your address so that your documents or any other things are posted to your new place. Also, give the new address to your neighbors as it might be required later on.
  14. Let your friends, family members, banks and the company where you work know about your new address.
  15. Evaluate the time that will be required to move to your new place and then take leave for those days from your workplace.
  16. Collect the keys of your new apartment beforehand.

On the day of your moving

  1. Pack the frequently used items and the essentials on the day of your moving. Keep certain things aside like snacks, night suit, towel, toiletries etc so that you do not feel uncomfortable at your first night at your new home.
  2. Also keep some other things handy like tea bags, kettle etc so that you can easily use them.
  3. Be there at the new destination when the service providers load and unload your goods. You can supervise the process which will make the unpacking process easy.
  4. See to it that no goods are left behind before leaving your place.
  5. After the goods are unloaded, check whether any item is left behind in the carriers or not.

house moving

After the process is finished

  1. See to it that the goods are not damaged or lost. Check the inventory list and match it with the goods.
  2. Pay the packing and moving company when the transition is completed by the payment method that was decided when the move was confirmed.
  3. Get the bill receipt along with the seal and signature so that you can keep a record.
  4. Search and see if there are any new deals on your electricity bills, internet WiFi etc.
  5. Clean the house before starting off with your new routine.
  6. Leave the feedback for the house moving services that you took from the professional service provider.
  7. Start unpacking all your items that are being used regularly.
  8. After unpacking, start settling and decorating the goods at your new place according to your wish.

There is a list of things that you should not pack and keep them with you when you make the move:

  • Important documents like passport, license, checkbook, birth certificates, credit and debit cards, records bank account information etc.
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • Jewellery
  • Toolbox
  • Some snacks and water
  • Cash

Go through the following list to get the best house moving services. Planning and preparation is the key to success. You need to start planning beforehand for faster, smoother and best house moving services. We all know that home moving is not that easy task and you will need a lot of planning and discussion with the house moving service providers. Packers and Movers Delhi NCR help you carry out this task in a convenient way and make it a successful event and an enjoyable experience for you. So, hire a professional packers and movers instead of carrying out the task yourself to get the best house moving services.

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