Make your packing Really Simple with best Movers and Packers

While moving home people have a question in mind if they can use old cardboard boxes or should spend money buying new ones. This decision is solely depended on what you are moving. If you have some fragile valuables to pack, then it is always worth spending money on new boxes for better safety of precious possession. And in other hand you can approach a best movers and packers in Faridabad to solve your packing difficulties. Through safe and secure packing a moving service provider win your trust and believe. Here are some tips to follow to pack boxes perfectly:-

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Some tips to consider for Perfect Box Packing with Mover and Packer:-

1. Cautions to be Followed While Buying Boxes

  • Always prefer small or medium size of moving boxes instead of buying big ones. Medium size of box can carry 25-30 kilograms of weight, which becomes more comfortable to move then big box. It is always easy to set things properly small box where there are less chances of things getting damaged. In big box, we are forced to pill up things on one another, which increases the risk factor.
  • There would be some movables in the house which have awkward size. You need to separately buy boxes according to the size of belonging. Always buy a little bigger size of box then movable, so required packing material can be kept at all sides to avoid any jerk.

2. Follow Ideal Packing Sequence

  • Select a suitable side of cardboard box and cover the bottom side properly by using wide sealing tape from inside and outside. Ideally it is to be sealed from the entire bottom center up one third of the length of box. This will ensure that box can comfortably hold the weight of the item packed inside.
  • While packing treasure like rare antiques, expensive wallpapers and paintings, glass wares and other breakables. Excessive caution is required. It is strongly recommended to use thick thermal sheets in multiple layers on the bottom of the box to provide adequate safety. Wrap the entire movable into high quality bubbled wrapper and carefully places it in the middle of the box. Cover all sides with thermal sheets and feel all extra gaps with paper crumbles and soft thick sponges. This will help to avoid any movement inside while shifting boxes from one location to another.
  • Keep thermal sheets in layers on the top also and seal the box efficiently with sealing tap without keeping any extra gap inside. Tag each box with the packed item kept inside, so things become easier while unpacking on the other end. Put clear signs of Fragile, Handle with Care, This Side Up and other marks on the box. Such awareness alerts the mover while lifting and moving.


Follow all these ideal tips for safe and secure box packing and keep all your fragile and luxury items damage free during moving process. Hire best mover and packers Faridabad for easy relocation or moving and also get an insurance cover for your goods against damage during packing and moving.

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