Insurance Tips for Customers Hiring Packers and Movers Company

The inclusive insurance means that Movers and Packers Company is guaranteeing client against any damage while packing, transporting and unloading.  There will be no insurance company involved in between the client and the movers and Packers hired by the client. Transit insurance facility offered by insurers, costs nearly half of the all inclusive insurance, but its limitation is that it only protects clients from damage in transport.

Under transit, a client can claim on insurance in case of theft, accident or fire. A client requires producing an FIR copy and the pictures of the incident. Packers and movers in Mumbai or anywhere are bound to insure goods of clients and they cannot deny it in any case.

Belongings movers and packers insure and minimal charges applicable

Packers and Movers Mumbai insure goods of clients under two types of insurances, Transit and FOV risk. There are minimal charges applicable for per lakh value of material.  Under FOV risk, any Packer and Mover Mumbai company is responsible for any accident or damage during transit. The charges applicable vary according to the worth of belongings. Maple Packers and Movers provide Insurance Coverage services to household goods, home appliances and other valuable goods against any damage in the transit.

Some useful Insurance Tips by packers and movers Mumbai are as follows:

  1. Insurance your goods when you decide to relocate is crucial, so read the terms of making claims carefully and ensure all of your goods are insured.
  2. If you are not provided insurance by movers and packers, you have both rights, either you can forgo or insurance or put claim in civil court, but the condition is you have to prove the damage or loss.
  3. You can also take insurance yourself. In fact, it is better for you than relying on movers and packers. You will get better deals with company yourself than through movers and packers.
  4. You can negotiate a discount in case you provide your own insurance.
  5. Insurance should be your priority if the stuff is expensive and if it is cheap, then you can forgo the insurance.
  6. It is compulsory for you to know how movers and packers Mumbai insure your goods. If you will not know, the movers and packers company can undermine the value of your goods. And if your goods get damaged in the transit, you will be devoid of compensation.
  7. You should be aware about the whole procedure of insurance. Then only you can vigil it to ensure things are rightly balanced.
  8. Your Movers and Packers company will insure your goods on its own, but you will have to vigil the process how they do it.
  9. There are both fake and authentic movers and packers, so taking things for granted can prove costlier for client.

Sum and substance

Once you will notice that your items are damaged during transit, you should file a written claim about loss. It is highly recommended when it comes to transportation. Maple Packers and Movers offer our client settlement within one month of receiving a claim.

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