House Relocation Services: How to Relocation a New Home with your Pet

Moving from one place to another is always very difficult and time consuming. It becomes even more hectic when you are moving with your dog. Many times it happens that when we change the house, dog chases for the old house and go missing, as animals are attached to their old territories. They require little extra focus and below mentioned step will help you in house Relocation with Pet better way.

Points to keep in mind during House Relocation with Pet

  1. Things to taken care before relocating:
  • Keep your dog’s routine upright like food, morning walk or anything else. Dogs are very smart animal as they are already noticing the moments happening due to moving plans. Any changes in their daily routine can hamper their health out of stress. Better to treat them with the same attention and care there were getting before.
  • At least a week before moving, visit your veterinarian and take your dog’s history card and vaccination report card. If you are moving far or to some other city, then this will help to update with new doctor. If your dog is old then little sedative will help while traveling, but better check this thing with your doctor as he knows better.
  • Keep your dog in a separate room on the day of packing and moving. He may get stressed out by seeing so much happening around or by seeing unknown packers in the house. This is also to escape injury while many things will move in and out. It is advisable to move them in a familiar room having unwashed bedding and possessions. Keep a travel carrier around them 3-4 days prior to the move, so your dog become familiar with it. Time to time go to his room and spend some time with him or if some house member be with him while others monitor the packing exercise.
  • Pack your dog’s plates, toys and other stuffs at last, so that they remain comfortable with familiar items. Do not wash bedding’s even after moving in the new house for some days. Smell is the most important factor for a dog to identify things easily. Unwashed bedding’s and other things will help them to adjust in the new house better way.
  • If you are moving nearby only, then you may not need to change doctor for dog. You may also take your dog to the new house some days before moving, so it may start developing familiarity with the new location. However, it may also revert as dog may return to old house repeatedly after switching to the new home. It is a common nature of any animal to wander back to their previous territory. It is always advisable to take Home relocation services from professionals to ensure hassle free shifting with your pet.
  • If you are traveling to a distant place, then stop feeding them at least 12 hours before the move. This will prevent them from any traveling sickness.
  • Make a Travel checklist, so you don’t miss anything in hassled situations.
  • Dong’s usual food and plenty of water from the old home, as initially changing of water may affect their health.
  • Veterinary certificates and records.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Toys and other treats.
  • Entire bedding without washing them.

Must Read

  1. Things to Be Taken Care While Moving
  • Make sure that dog has enough required space in the car or in the vehicle they will be shifted.
  • It is also taken into consideration that they get regular breaks for water and toilet, if it is a long journey.
  • After Shifting in the New Home
  • First and foremost is to check if boundary fencing is secure and hole free. They are of sufficient height to prevent dog runs away.
  • Try to arrange things in similar positions in bedroom or wherever your dog will be staying. This will give them a sooth feeling of similarity. Try to place furniture in the same passion as it was in the old home.
  • Keep your dog in the small room, while you are unpacking and placing items in the new home. Keep dog’s food and water plates and other toys in the same manner as like in the old house to avoid any unfamiliar situation.
  • Do not let your dog move outdoor without leash for some days, unless they become adapted to the new location. Pets take more time to get adjusted with new surroundings. Help your dog to establish his territory. Chase away other dogs as this will help your pet to feel secure.
  • Keep giving them water from the old house for some days and change it gradually.
  • Do not punish your dog for any initial misbehavior, as they are already struggling to get adjusted with new environment. If dog behaves, then help him to reduce the stress. Try to be patient if they break something or make some mistakes, as any punishment will only make the situation worst. If you think they are sick due to new surroundings, then immediately take them to the doctor around.
  • Please make sure that you are stick to their regular routines, as this will help them to get adjusted faster. Try to maintain the same timing of their food and walk. Don’t change your attention from them as they are very sensitive and may cause behavior problems.
  • Once luggage is settled in the new house, gradually introduce them to neighbors by going for a walk together in the garden. Try to go for long walks. These will help your dog to get adjusted with new people and roads around.

There may be some other things to be taken into consideration also depends on your dog’s nature, which you can decide according to the need. These are some of the basic requirements for Home relocation services which will help in settling down your pet in hassle-free manner.

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