Hire Trusted Packer and Mover Kolkata to Relocate Home Refrigerator

Big size appliance like fridge needs much more focus then other electronics because of its weight and size. People often ask about what can stay in and what not while relocating refrigerator. It is always better to take a professional help to carry out this hard-working task. Following the below mentioned steps will relocate this tricky piece safely:

The plan of moving refrigerator should be made a day in advance. Before moving, it is essential to read manual book well, as every fridge is different to handle. Ensure that you are taking necessary safety measures as mentioned there.  Hire trusted Packer and Mover Kolkata to relocate heavy machinery. If you will not hire trusted Home relocation services in Kolkata, the relocation will become difficult task for you.

Preparation of Packing:

  • Take out everything from inside. Ensure that refrigerator and freezer, both are fully vacated. All perishable food should be used or distributed among-st neighbors and friends. All other things kept inside should be properly packed. Things which may get rotten in room temperature, should be kept in neighbour’s fridge for a day.
  1. Take out ice-cube trays to avoid excess weight. Remove all the shelves and pack them together with trays to save them from getting damaged while moving. Stick different colors of markers to rearrange shelves perfectly after relocation.
  • Unplug the refrigerator cord and properly coil it. Don’t forget to tie it properly with fridge body. Keep refrigerator door open overnight to defrost the freezer. This may take 6-8 hours, so ensure that it is done well before moving.

Best Packing Methods:

  • Fasten the doors properly by using ropes. In case if it is a double door refrigerator, then tie both doors together. Tie them such a way, that while moving they don’t open up otherwise it may end up breaking them.
  • Do not tie doors very tightly as they will pull out of alignment, which can end up damaging it permanently.
  • If move is going to take more than a day, then keep the doors slightly open for proper ventilation inside. This will prevent growing any mildew inside.

Moving with Care:

  • Do not attempt to lift it alone. It is always best to take professional help to make the entire move absolutely safe.
  • Use refrigerator dolly, which can easily move the appliance till van safely and comfortably. Carefully place bottom over it, and use straps to avoid falling while moving.
  • Maintain upright position properly, to avoid oil seeping into cooling tubes. Never move fridge on its side or back. There is a high risk that oil inside compressor may flow into cooling tubes, which can damage the cooling system when restarted. If side move is unavoidable, then make sure that upright angle is maintained.
  • Move it in the direction opposite the tilt to maintain safety. One person should constantly hold handles of the doors to avoid any accident.
  • It is best to hire a professional help to avoid any kind of incidents while loading and unloading. They are always equipped with latest technology to achieve any difficult move. Make sure that it is kept in the upright position while moving. Same precautions should be taken care while unloading. Keep refrigerator in one position for 3-4 hours before plugging in. This will allow oil and fluid to flow back to compressor to avoid any damage. Refrigerator may take 1-2 days before returning to the proper cooling temperature.


It is not easy to find a trusted mover and packer in Kolkata. So first verify and then only select a company.

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