How to Avoid Unreliable Movers and Packers Company in Pune?

In August, last year, Police booked a gang of miscreants in Khargar, Navi Mumbai. These miscreants were booked on charge of cheating a man, by using the name of name of an existing packers and movers company. Months after this incident, police was not able to trace the gang. After a thorough investigation of the matter, Navi Mumbai police came to the conclusion that it was actually a fake agency that reportedly used to demand an exorbitant amount to release a car and goods.

Irony was they threatened the victim with dire consequences. It was not the first instance, when a person who had booked Movers and packers in Pune and Mumbai, Delhi, Haryana, and Gurgaon etc. was cheated.

ET (India) published a report in 2016, according to which number of packers and movers in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and NCR is increasing like never before.  The reasons for it are said to be Massive growth of real estates in these regions.

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The fake company which was held responsible for the above fraud had movers and packers offices in Pune, Mumbai and Air oil as well. All these addresses later turned out to be illegal. CCTV footage’s could identify the faces of the workers only but the main people behind these frauds were not visible in these footage’s.

Movers and Packers mushrooming in Pune boon or bane

Where mushrooming of Packers and movers in Pune, Delhi, and NCR and in other states of the country is a factor of concern, there it can be considered a boon for the society as well. The reason is people who will relocate in future will have plenty of options to select a desired Company.

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you in hiring the right pro:

  1. You should never forget to check the papers and documents of the company.
  2. You should check copies of their incorporation certificates, PAN card of company, license, bank account, id and the address proof of promoters.
  3. You should also check their past taking references from friends and relatives that they may have served.
  4. You can ask for contact details and speak their customers. There customers and tell you better about their services.
  5. And the easiest way to verify their authentication is to check online testimonials and online reviews. Buy you should have an eye to differentiate between fake and real.
  6. And if you are still unsure, then search on Bing, Yahoo and Google, the name of company, person, and phone number, account number and don’t forget to take a copy of pan card as well.

Sum and substance

If you will not make a thorough research about these companies could simply mean you will end up in booking an unreliable mover and packer in Pune. That will be not just the wastage of your money but also poses safety and security risks both to you and your belongings.

The above guidelines will definitely help you to avoid fraud movers and packers in Pune.

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