How to Avoid Flammable Things and House Relocation in Moving by van

There is a list of some do’s and don’ts provided by moving company while relocating. As per government regulations, there are certain things which are strictly prohibited to move by vans along with other luggage. Moving companies are bound to follow these norms of non-movable items. This is essential for customer’s safety purpose also.

Avoid Flammable things and house relocation in moving by van

Below are mentioned list will help for safer results:

1. Flammable Chemicals: Flammables are strictly prohibited to move along with van. This includes a list of things like fertilizers and other chemicals. Many of the household sprays are also highly flammables, which may catch fire in extreme heat. This may end in a very serious loss of other household belongings. Flammables like gas cylinders, diesel fuel and kerosene bottles are also strictly prohibited to move along with van. Fertilizers and chemicals are having poisonous contents, so they should be moved separately, because while moving there is a chance of getting them leaked and mixed with other articles, which can have very danger situation.

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2. Perishable Eatables: Eatables, which cannot survive outside refrigerator temperature, should not be moved by van. They will get spoil, so better to consume or distribute them. Food stuffs which are not sealed should also be moved on a van. Liquid items like jam and pickles also should not be moved as well. Unsealed and properly packed eatables can easily leaked out and spoil other valuables like sofa and other furniture. Distributing such eatables will minimize such risk and will be helping hand for those, who require them.

3. Personal Memories: You cannot even think to afford losing some life long memories like photo albums and other memories. Any loss or misplacing of them will be a huge emotional lose, which is priceless. Moving such treasures along with other heavier and bigger belongings is a high risk. It is always recommended to move them along with you in your own car.

4. Alcoholic Contents: No alcoholic contents are permitted to move on vans. In some of the Indian states like Gujarat and Bihar, it is a punishable offense to keep them also. It is safer to check with packers and movers company about their policies regarding it.

5. Valuables: Never move cash, jewellery, silver vessels and other treasures by van. There is a high chance of getting stolen or misplaced while moving them with other luggage. Even moving company will not recommend you to move such valuables by vans. There is also a high chance of losing or forgetting them while keeping in your own car also due to hassle of moving. It is strongly endorsed to keep all extra money and jewellery in bank lockers, till you properly re-established in the new place.

6. Doctor’s prescriptions And Other Important Documentations: It is not safe to move important documents along with other luggage. They may get tore or misplace and which may end up into a huge lose. It is also recommended not to move doctor’s prescription in van. You will need them in some health emergency at any time and you cannot afford not to have them handy in emergency situation. It is strongly recommended to move such important papers in a separate handbag along with you in car.

7. Last to Move Things: There are certain items, which you require till last minute, so better to pack them at last in a separate box. You will also require them at first in the new home and mixing them along with other articles may put you in difficult situation after relocation. It is better to keep them at the back of car, as you will be the first one to arrive at new home. The moment you reach at new house, you can unpack the box and set things before van arrives.

8. Life Saving Medicines: Lifesaving medicines are those on which we are fully depended, so they must always be in pocket or hand bag around us. Never keep them in moving vans as you may need them at any moment and not handy can be very dangerous situation. This can end up into very serious consequences sometimes. So it is always good to be safe than sorry and keep them with you all the time.

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