Advisory Tips to Hire a Best Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR

Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR
admin May 30, 2017

Everyone prefers a packers and movers who is well known to them or to some of their friends and relatives for best services and you know about their customer rating. Knowing a service provider does also means that you know their liability, staff strength and portfolio. This becomes very essential when you have decided to relocate your home with best packers and movers in Delhi NCR. Following mentioned points will help to know the mover and packer well before reaching to any agreement.

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Things to Consider before hiring a Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR

üEmployment History:

  • This is most obvious inquiry to make when having new housemate. Knowing job profile helps to know person’s professional abilities. This would also help to know a person’s work schedule and time values. Knowing employment history will give an idea of how many office mates may visit him after switching with you. You should also check if he is working from home or not, as his presence in the home entire day will effect electric bills also. This will give an idea to design your day accordingly.

üGet References:  

  • Adding a housemate is almost like hiring an employee for a job where you cannot blindly trust one’s words rather you need references of his friends and previous landlords. Get contact number of references and call them to know the person more. This will give clear idea about person’s nature and habits including paying rents. This will also help you to know any exclusive detail you need to know about the person.

üReason for Sharing:  

  • Knowing reasons of sharing home will help to know person’s nature of cooperation. You may ask the reason of why he is willing to share a house. Answer of this question will give clear idea about friendly nature of the person. Remember that housemate is like a family member who always stand by in every good and bad circumstances, so you need a person who has helping and caring nature.

üDaily Routine: 

  • Know his daily schedule including wake up timing, office timing, week offs, office returning timing etc. This will helpyou make betterplans for the day. You would not prefer a housemate who wakes too early or sleeps too late or hang out which can disturb your sleep. Knowing his daily routine and lifestyle will help to judge a person well. You can finalised the latest home returning timings. Better to be clear about these points in advance to avoid later arguments.

üHabits of Cleaning and Cooking:

These are some of the most important things to know about individual.

  1. What is his definition of cleaning and how often he would prefer to clean home?
  2. What about cleaning the bathroom? Cleaning bathroom as important as cleaning yourself. This will also set the hygiene standard of housemate.
  3. What is his plan about using kitchen for cooking. Ask if new housemate is going to arrange tiffin service for self or he will use common kitchen utensils. If you both are sharing kitchen then ensure that eating habits are also properly checked. There may be a chance that one is vegetarian and other is non-vegetarian. This is a big issue as it will conflict the eating habits of each other, so better clear stands from the beginning.
  4. Sleeping habits are also an important thing to know. Some people sleep very late and they prefer loud music and late night talks over phones before sleeping, which can hamper other’s sleeping habits.


  • You need to be aware about the health status of new housemate. You should check if he has any serious health issues. You would never prefer a situation in future when some critical situation suddenly comes up and you are unaware about it. You should ask for his friends’ and relatives’ contact number in case of such emergency situation.

üOvernight Guests:

  • Check about frequently expected overnight guests. Someone comes and stay overnight is understandable but frequent overnight guests is a topic which requires discussion. You have to make sure that this won’t hamper your lifestyle. You should also ask if he has significant other in the town who may visit frequently, so you can set some ethical standard for both of them to follow in the house before moving ahead.


Packers and movers serve you with their great services and deliver a client satisfactory result. Before hiring any known service provider you have to sure about your moving and your goods. For availing home relocation services in Delhi NCR, you can book your shipment online too.

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